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Monday, May 14, 2007

Obama and the Illinois Guard

Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax intern, Paul Richardson, linked to an AP story (via the Grand Island, NE Independent) on the concerns of several Governors regarding their states' National Guard preparedness. For good measure, the AP also threw in a quote from Democratic Senator Barack Obama, who, they report, recently wrote a letter to President Bush regarding this issue.

Now, what AP fails to mention is that none of these Governors (including our very own Rod Blagojevich) ever denied the consent required by the Armed Forces Reserve Act of 1952 for federal mobilization and deployment of their states' guard units. Perhaps someone should remind Senator Obama that his fellow Chicago Democrat is, thus, at least partially responsible for the National Guard's equipment being “stretched thin in his home state of Illinois.”

If the Senator is really concerned about the readiness of our Guard - and not just scoring political points with his party's base - he would be writing letters to the Governor as well as the President.

Want to take bets as to whether or not he's doing that?

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  • National Guard are stretched thin in all the states.

    We just had a bridge go down in a state. Shouldn't the National Guard in the states be able to help?

    At one time the GOP stood for local power of the states. Now Bush wants national control of emerying. People like you blindly follow this administration waving the flag as if they can do thing wrong or say nothing wrong.

    Your kind of people are what mad Hitler powerful.

    By Blogger Milton, at 2/8/07 8:49 PM  

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