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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why I don't trust Obama

Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) in an interview with Rockford Register-Star columist Aaron Chambers:

“I can’t judge where there have been improprieties and where there haven’t been because I haven’t been intimately involved in what’s been happening in state and local politics over the past couple years.”

Excuse me, but doesn't endorsing and cutting commericals for a State Treasurer candidate count as involvement? Doesn't endorsing and headlining rallies for a County Board President candidate count as involvement? He did both within "the past couple of years." What about recent his endorsement of the Mayor's bid for re-election - isn't that involvement?

And what does it say about Obama that he would endorse someone for re-election despite being unable to judge whether or not they have been involved in any improprieties?

If this is Obama's idea of bold, daring new leadership, then the Senator seems poised to disappoint a lot of people.


  • The State Treasurer candidate is not the problem, guilt by association would have Hastert is prison by now.

    The real problem is Bambi's own ethical problems.

    By Blogger Milton, at 14/2/07 10:16 PM  

  • milton,

    fair point, but I'm not talking about "guilt by association" here - I'm talking about blatant dishonesty: he says he hasn't been involved in state and local politics for the last couple of years. That's just flat out untrue.

    By Blogger grand old partisan, at 15/2/07 8:30 AM  

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